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Music Lesson




Dear Parents,

Below is a link to a playlist of activities to share with your child using the concept of beats and rhythm.  To use, do the following:

  1. Click, Ctrl+click, or copy web address and paste into box at top of browser page to go directly to Playlist.
  2. Open “I Got the Beat! Beat! Beat! Beat!” and perform the march with your child.
  3. Open “Pies! Pies!” activity Sheet and print out.
  4. Open “Clocks (Rhyme) and follow the rhythm as the song is played.
  5. Open and perform “Clocks.” 
  6. Which pies matches the Clocks rhythms?  Can you make up your own song using the pie rhythms?  Can you match rhythms to your own name?

Good Luck!

Ms. Hales